Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Why the Children's Museum need you NOW!

There's just no other way to say it, we NEED YOU now! Zing Zumm, Children's Museum of Jacksonville is so close to opening! We are closer than we have ever been. 

We have an empty, rent free building that is waiting for us to move into! 

Can you believe that!? 

However, we absolutely must have $400,000 in order to move in. We have the architects plans for the remodel, we have the city's approval, we have all the necessary inspections ready to go, but we need the $400,000. 

So here's a challenge. All we need are 400 $1,000 donations or 1000 $400 donations (or 10,000 $40 donations!)  Can you give one of those amounts or do you know someone who can? Please spread the word, and let everyone know that the time has come to open the museum! Also, register for our Zing Zumm Runn and your registration fee will go directly to our building fund. Invite your friends, bring your kids and share the information on Facebook!

                        ***Register here for the Runn***

Monday, January 27, 2014

Insights into the Children's Museum

You may be wondering what exactly we have been up to over the years as we've been working to bring Zing Zumm to fruition. We thought it would be a good idea to answer some of our most asked questions:

Are you open?

(This is definitely the number one most asked question!) Unfortunately, no. We are not open yet, however we are pleased to be able to offer occasional events in the community even without a building! The current plans are for us to rent the fire station on Barn Street in Northwoods as soon as the new station is built. This will probably take another year or so depending on how quickly the building process goes and how long it takes for us to raise the funds for remodeling and exhibits.

What have you done with the money you've gotten so far? 

We have received donations over the years from individuals and from businesses around Onslow County. Some of these funds cannot be accessed by us until we have a building, or until a certain amount of time has past. The museum board has been extremely careful to only rarely use money that we have received as donations. In fact, when we are asked to sponsor something in the community the money comes from the board members personally and not from the museum's funds! It's not uncommon for us to throw in $5-10 each so that the museum can participate in something in the community, without touching donated money. When we have large events, such as our Zing Zumm Runn, the expenses are totally covered by sponsors. We as a board are very proud of the way we have conservatively managed our money over the years.

Board members working hard to prep
bags for the race!

Who is on the board?

The Zing Zumm Board of Directors is made up of a variety of people that have a common interest in seeing a children's museum open for the kids of Onslow County. While the majority of the board members have a background in education, we have a great assortment of talents and professions.  Everyone has children or grandchildren and they all volunteer their time, energy and awesome ideas to the museum! You can go to our website and see the full list of board members HERE The Board of Directors is 100% volunteer based, we do not currently have anyone employed by the museum.

Why are you opening a Children's Museum in Jacksonville?

Jacksonville is full of children and these kids need somewhere to grow, learn, and play! Zing Zumm will be an interactive, hands on, educational, play-based museum.    Read more about the case for children's museums on our website.

Is the museum for-profit?

No. We have had non-profit status since 2007. The museum will charge admission when it opens, but it is not a business or financially profitable for anyone involved and the fees will go toward the operation of the museum.

If I donate, where will my money go?

Currently your money will go straight into our bank account where it will sit until we start renovations of the fire station. We may use some of the money for fundraising in the next year, but most likely it will be saved for renovations and exhibits.

Board members Pat Collins and
Chris Phelps manning our booth
at an event
I don't have money for a major donation, but I would love to help, what can I do?

That's ok! You can start by spreading the word. Like us on Facebook, share news articles about us, and tell your neighbors. Second, participate in our events! We have certain nights that local restaurants will donate a portion of the sales to the museum. We have our annual Zing Zumm Runn and we have other smaller events throughout the year. Also, you can volunteer your time. We are always looking for extra help when we have an event. You can email us at zingzumm@gmail.com to be added to our volunteer list.

         Click here read more about the progress of the museum on our website! 

Friday, January 24, 2014

Zing Zumm Runn

We are thrilled to be having a SECOND annual Zing Zumm Runn on February 15th! 

You can register for the run on our website zingzumm.org/zingzumm_runn.html or active.com OR in person at the following local businesses:

 Century 21 Champion Real Estate on Henderson Drive 
Don Williamson Nissan on Western Blvd

**Please note that if you would like to register in person you will need to have exact change** 

You may also wait and register from 8am-9am on race day however you will not be guaranteed a tee shirt. 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Zing Zumm Runn!

We are SUPER excited to announce our first BIG event...
the 1st annual
 Zing Zumm Runn
Saturday, March 23rd 
Sponsored by Don Williamson Nissan!

Tell your friends, and bring your kids! This will be a family friendly event, we will have kids races, a "diaper dash" and fun for the whole family. Support the museum while you're at it! Sign up HERE

Saturday, October 1, 2011

What is the Zing Zumm board of directors doing now?

Well, we are working hard to bring you a Children's Museum here in Jacksonville, of course! On the agenda recently:

-Our NEW website, which will hopefully launch this month
-The search for a location continues with some exciting prospects
-A video which will be featured on our website
-Our Family Performing Arts Series which will be resuming again this fall
-Our booth at Oktoberfest on Oct 22 (look for us and some fun activities for your kids! More info HERE)

In other news, we are now able to accept PayPal donations! Check out the PayPal button on the right hand side of the blog. Also, stay updated with the Children's Museum by subscribing to our mailing list. We would love to send you updates on the museum and invitations to our events. And of course, check back here for more information and an inside look into what goes into starting a Children's Museum!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Photo Contest WINNER!

Congratulations to Melissa Dedmond and her son Dylan on winning our photo contest and free cake! Please stay tuned for another awesome contest soon!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summer Fun Photo Contest!

Have a favorite picture from a day at the beach, a picnic, or 4th of July?

Enter it in our Summer Fun Photo Contest for a chance to win a FREE BIRTHDAY CAKE from Kathy Canby Cakes!

HOW TO ENTER: Email your picture to zingzumm@gmail.com and include 1. your name 2. where you live (town/area) 3. where the picture was taken

WHO CAN ENTER: Families and individuals living in Eastern NC. Please only one submission per email address.

WHAT IS THE PRIZE AGAIN: A FREE 9x13 birthday cake from Kathy Canby Cakes (a $25 value) www.kathycanbycakes.com

Winner will be notified via email on or around SEPT 1st, 2011 and also announced on this blog and the museum's Facebook page. Check the blog often for featured photos from the contest!!

**By submitting a photo to us, you are releasing that photo for use on our website, blog and/or Facebook page. Please do not submit professional photos that were not taken by you personally.**